SOUTH AFRICA IN PICTURE As   someone   who   has   travelled extensively   through   Europe   and seen   the   beauty   these   countries have    to    offer,    one    thing    has become   blatantly   obvious   to   me …   No   matter   where   i   go   or   what i   see,   nothing   ever   comes   close to   the   natural   beauty   that   Africa has to offer. So     instead     of     wasting     your money     on     congested     tourist attractions   in   Europe,   Asia,   the Americas     and     Oz,     why     not explore      the      natural      beauty Africa has to offer. If    you    have    taken    some    HD photos    showcasing    the    beauty of   South Africa,   feel   free   to   send them    so    we    can    share    them with    our    fellow    readers.    Make sure    to    tell    us    where    the    pics were taken.
SOUTH AFRICAN SURF REPORTS & LIVE CAMS So   your   usual   surf   spot   has   blown out   but   the   urge   to   paddle   out   is still coursing through your veins? Don’t despair! Spending   just   a   few   minutes   online before   heading   out   could   save   you a   tank   full   of   fuel   and   a   world   of disappointment. Surfline    brings    you    some    of    the most   up-to-the-minute   surf   reports from across the country. Finding    the    best    surf    spot    has never been easier.
IN THE NEWS ECO-SCAMMING EXPOSED Do   you   donate   funds   to   causes that   are   close   to   your   heart?   Save the        whales?        Stop        Rhino Poaching?    Feed    the    Children    .. the     list     is     endless     and     the requests    for    donations    towards these causes just as long, Read    this    eye    opening    article written    by    Don    Pinnock    of    the Conservation        Action        Trust, exposing    unethical    scam    artists from     profiting     illegally     off     the generosity        of        unsuspecting wildlife supporters the world over. It’s    time    to    name    and    shame these   criminals   so   that   the   funds you    donate    actually    reach    the causes    you    are    supporting    and not   being   syphoned   out   to   line   the pockets          of          unscrupulous opportunists feeding off society.
DURBAN BEACH WATER A HEALTH HAZARD Gone   are   the   good   old   days   when stripping   down   and   taking   a   plunge meant     frolicking     in     crystal     clear oceans    surrounded    by    coral    reefs and   an   abundance   of   sea   life   whilst enjoying   some   well   earned   Vitamin- sea. The   sad   truth   is   that   these   days,   you are     more     likely     to     swim     though sewerage,    fall    ill    from    water    you ingested   or   get   your   leg   amputated because    you    had    an    open    wound which got infected. Do   bathers   even   know   how   clean   the water   is   at   their      local   beaches   today or   realize   how   potentially   hazardous   it is   to   their   health   or   the   health   of   their families? How   safe   is   swimming   at   your   local beach?
REAL TIME AIR QUALITY INDEX SOUTH AFRICA According   to   the   World   Bank,   air pollution   in   South   Africa   has   cost the   country   over   R300   million   in   tax payers    earnings    and    kills    more than 20 000 people annually. With   the   number   of   issues   SA   has to    deal    with,    this    money    can    be better             utilised             uplifting communities,   educating   citizen   or protecting     our     country     and     it’s wildlife.    So    what    is    being    done about      tackling      South      Africa’s pollution     problems?     Even     one death   is   one   too   many   and   should never be accepted or tolerated. The   World   Health   Organisation   AIr Quality    guidelines    recommend    a PM10   maximum   annual   mean   level of   20mg/m.   How   do   you   think   your town    or    city    fares    against    these recommendations?